2018 in Hindsight

2018 has blessed me beyond measure.

The big lesson this year was gratitude. I learned to be grateful for everything and every experience, because it led me to this place.

I learned that the only thing I can control is me. Trying to control other people hasn’t worked, and it never will. It just made me anxious and frustrated. 2018 showed me that even in darkness I have such a supportive framily who are covering my life in prayers and positivity.

I learned that even if you are doing your best there are still people who are only there to tear you down, and that being careful who you trust is just smart business.

I learned that relationships are not always easy peasy. They are hard work. Work which requires a level of vulnerability that has always scared me.

I was reminded that God hears me when I call him. He answers prayers and he loves me even in my flawed state.

I learned what panic attacks feel like and that I would rather not experience that ever again.

I was reminded that words are powerful. They affect the way you think about yourself and the things around you.

In 2018, I made a decision to move in love. I want to be good to people and be uplifting and a blessing.

So, as 2019 approaches and I am setting goals in the new year, I ask people to hold me accountable, help me stay humble, let me vent, and remind me that I can only control myself. I know I’m not alone on this, and I thank all of you for your impact on me this year.

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