The Enlightenment and the creation of Feminism

         The Age of Enlightenment was a movement that emerged in the late 17th century and carried on through the 18th and 19th centuries. It was the beginning of a point in history where people searched for answers outside of religious institutions. It led people to ask questions about the sciences, and not always have to fear persecution for it. The Enlightenment brought a lot of change to western culture. It challenged social structures, religion, and forms of government. It gave opportunity for people to use reason to come to conclusions about things in life.

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The Cure for Imposter Syndrome

I've become okay with sharing half-baked ideas, and I have learned to love a good critique. It makes you stronger. It makes your work better. I know my community won't let me fall on my face. They sit with me on zoom calls for an hour to help me fix my portfolio. They help me develop stronger papers and blogs by pointing me to resources that support the points I am trying to make. They remind me that I have to get my time management skills together. They show me how we are always learning. We are always growing. They teach me to fail fast and examine my failures in order to begin again. Honestly, even strangers on the internet will give you tips to grow you.


2018 in Hindsight

2018 has blessed me beyond measure. The big lesson this year was gratitude. I learned to be grateful for everything and every experience, because it led me to this place. I learned that the only thing I can control is me. Trying to control other people hasn't worked, and it never will. It just made… Continue reading 2018 in Hindsight

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Ovation Hair – My Journey: Week One

Over the past few months I have been bombarded with Ovation Hair commercials on my local radio stations, and because I am SERIOUSLY unhappy with my hair I decided I would try it.  It wasn't on a whim. I talked to my friends about it; I talked to my mom about it. I read forums… Continue reading Ovation Hair – My Journey: Week One